In the heart of Paya Lebar is a mosque that has existed for decades. Masjid Wak Tanjong (MWT), resplendent in its green and white resplendence, is not just a spiritual sanctuary for mosque-goers or Muslims who need respite to carry out their obligatory prayers.

Walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT station and a known hub for foreign domestic workers on the weekends, the mosque is also closely accessible to estates such as Macpherson and Jalan Besar. Knowing that these estates are occupied by many who are in need or staying in rental flats, the mosque decided to set up an open Community Pantry which is free for all who come to the mosque, especially those who are in need.

One of our pop-up pantries in 2022

No Questions Asked

With inflation of the economy rising and where every dollar counts in post-pandemic Singapore, the Community Pantry is a service powered by donations of basic supplies by generous businesses and contributors locally. From flour to biscuits, powdered beverages and other dried goods or staples, the Community Pantry @ MWT is open to all.

Visitors to the Community Pantry are reminded to just take what they need and to consider those coming after them to ensure that there is always something for everyone. 

Walking-in also ensures anonymity - there is no need for those who are benefiting from the pantry to leave their names or declare their incomes or where they are living. This is in the spirit of giving in Islam, where Muslims share what excesses they have without hoping for anything in return. In essence, it is a lesson where when there is more, it is rightfully a blessing or God’s gifts for others. When we share, there will always be something for everyone.

Pop Up Pantry in The Heartlands

Understandably, coming to the mosque’s Community Pantry is not always easy for everyone. For some recipients who make up the elderly or who need to travel by wheelchairs or motorised vehicles, MWT’s Pop Up Pantry initiative reaches out to selected neighbourhoods near the mosque to provide items to beneficiaries in the vicinity of their neighbourhoods.Our young volunteer giving out origami hearts during a pop-up pantry at Macpherson.

This value-added service is made possible by generous sponsors and our tireless volunteers who come every once in a few months to give out pantry items to those who want them. 

Partner with MWT!

Are you a business owner or someone passionate about providing free household items to others? Partner with MWT, where we ensure that our Community Pantry recipients get to enjoy and benefit from the items we provide. Your surplus, provided they are still in very good condition and not expired, will definitely be someone else’s treasure.

MWT is also open to collaborate with corporate partners for our Pop Up Pantry projects. Send an email to and state your intent to help collaborate, volunteer with or contribute to our Community Pantry projects.

April 08, 2023 — Online Team Masjid Wak Tanjong