The ImpactHive

ImpactHive gathers Masjid Wak Tanjong’s Impact-Building initiatives in a single platform. Like bees in a hive, our Impact Builders busy themselves with gathering resources to create goodness for all - bit by bit. Funds gathered via ImpactBit and InfaqBit are channeled to ImpactHive to run the following programs:

The Impact


Empowers needy home-based business owners with the skills and means to provide food for the hungry or less fortunate during our weekly Friday food distribution drives.

The Impact

Community Pantry

Provides free food for the under privileged by sourcing products from less established grocery suppliers to support them.

The Impact


Lights up the hearts of the community by making Quranic literacy convenient, accessible and available for all, especially those who are unable to afford regular Quran lessons.Together, our initiatives, funded by Impact Creators like you, create an impact by filling the gaps in our community and strengthening those who need support.