ImpactHive began as a humble proprietary Quranbit programme in 2020. During the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, Quranbit was started as a way to engage Muslims who still wanted to attend Quran classes despite being confined at home. As mosques were also closed, Quranbit was built as a platform to bring asatizah teaching Quran with students in the community.

Quranbit's first poster to the public in 2020

Inspired by the idea of creating impact in bite-sized pieces i.e. bit by bit, we extended the concept to create our Infaqbit programme in 2021. During those challenging times, MWT wanted to still ensure that the needs of the community are met. This led to the creation of our Community Pantry and Infaq Friday initiatives in the years following that. Infaqbit was formulated to encourage the community to continue giving infaq (donations) but with lower nominal amounts. Infaqbit also allows regular, recurring donations.

A screengrab of the Impactbit platform that allows the public to donate to MWT fundraising programmes in small, customisable but regular amounts.


With each fundraising campaign earning its own base of donors, MWT found the need to centralise all its donation platforms for easier access to members of the public. Impacthive was created eventually to house all the donation campaigns under one roof.

We are also glad to announce that we have also started listing programmes by other mosques to be part of our Impact initiatives that donors can choose from as one of the beneficiaries.

ImpactHive continues growing today to serve the community! We invite you to become part of our family and continue supporting our initiatives.