SolatBit: Transforming Prayer Learning!



SolatBit: Transforming Prayer Learning!

Inspired by Quranbit's success in teaching the Quran to over 10,000 students worldwide, we're thrilled to introduce Solatbit. This initiative is set to transform prayer learning, employing innovative technology to enrich spiritual practices.

Your Support Can Make a Difference!

$50 Donation: Aid the expansion of SolatBit programs, continuing QuranBit's legacy.
$100 Contribution: Support the creation of engaging Solatbit videos, spreading knowledge and inspiration.
$500 Sponsorship: Become a key supporter of a premium Solatbit tutorial. Your significant contribution will be recognized in the tutorial credits.

Join us on this journey of faith and innovation. Together, we can create a meaningful impact on spiritual education!

#SolatBitInfaqIlmu - Empowering prayer through technology.