Embrace Taharah


Do grab the opportunity for your kids to learn the essentials of solah from him while slots are limited!

Synopsis: "Taharah" is a term rooted in Islamic teachings that embodies the concept of purification on various levels— physical, spiritual, and ritual. This fundamental concept holds significant importance in the lives of Muslims. InsyaAllah during the sessions, Ustaz Irfan will touch on its role, delving into its practices prescribed in Islam from wudhu' (ablution) to ghusl (ritual bathing), each with specific guidelines and significance that are tailored to kids in building a foundation to connect themselves to the Divine.

Time: Starts 15th Jan, Mondays, 5.30pm - 7.00pm
Slots: 30 slots
Fees: $30, 4 sessions

Conduct by: Ustaz Irfan Abd Rahman

Portfolio: Ustaz Irfan spent 4 years in Rubat Tareem seeking knowledge from various scholars. He is also in his 4th year completing his degree in Islamic Education at Al-Zuhri Institute of Higher Learning (in collaboration with Ibn Khaldun University, Bogor).